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Application and cleaning of the Levant sponges

The fine soft Levant natural sponges are "picked" off at the Levantine coast. They are carefully harvested so that the sponges can plentiful regrow. So the marine life providing and the intact ecological balance is considered. After harvesting the sponges are refined by gentle maceration. The Levant sponge is a natural product and can therefore vary in size and shape. It does not dry out the vagina or hurt the mucosa when used as is has no dry surface like e.g. tampons have.

How to insert:

Before use, the sponge is moistened with water until it is soft. Drain it out well and lead it with two cleaned fingers into the vagina. Then push it upwards with one finger, similar to inserting a tampon. It adapts to the shape of the vagina. If it seems too large, you can cut it in shape as you like. This should only be done unless you've tried out, how small it becomes in wet and compressed state.

Removing the sponge:

Press your pelvic floor muscles as if you're urinating. So the sponge will be pressed forward and you can grab and remove it easily. Don't be afraid that the sponge can "disappear" in your vagina . The only opening to the uterus is the cervix, and this is very small.

Cleaning the sponge:

Once the sponge is fully soaked, you wash it out under running cold water, so the blood does not clot. The see-through remains of exfoliated endometrium which deposed on the surface of the sponge can then be removed easily with warm water. The sponge can then be used again immediately. How often you have to wash out the Levant sponge, will depend on the strength of your bleeding. In the first 2 days of your period usually 3/4 of the menstrual blood is excreted. It may be necessary in these days to wash the sponge after 2-3 hours. On lighter days it can remain in the vagina and up to 6 hours before it needs to be washed out. The rates how many times you change the sponge or wash it out is similar to a tampon. For cleaning place the sponge for 1-2 hours (or overnight) in vinegar water (1 part vinegar + 2 parts water) or in a mixture of 1/4 cup each of water and hydrogen peroxide (3% solution). The hydrogen peroxide has the advantage that the sponge will be bleached in case it has changed colour by use. After cleaning, the sponge should quickly dry in the air. Therefore don't let it lie in the damp bathroom where it can absorb bacteria. A natural sponge should also never be boiled, as it can become hard and can shrink. The best way to keep the sponges for the next period is to put them in a cotton bag or other air-permeable bag. The Levantine sponge can be used about 3-6 months, depending on frequency of use a little longer, and should then be replaced.

For vaginal infections You should not use sponges.
If used please take a new sponge after treatment.

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