The VULVIS come !

18.05.2017 15:18

Today we would like to introduce the VULVIS. The pads will be available in a few weeks at Bloodmilla and serve as an additional backup to cloth pads and  and menstrual cups.

The VULVIS are made from 100% cotton (GOTS certified material) and produced in Germany asthe Bloodmilla cloth pads and panty liners . They have cuddly terry cloth on one side and a slightly smoother sweatshirt fabric as a surface on the other side. So you can decide for yourself which is more comfortable for you.
The pads are simply placed between the labia (if you like can also roll them). In the case of strong menstrual bleeding, they help to ensure that the cloth pads does not have to be changed too often. You only have to be careful when wearing the VULVIS that they do not fall into the toilet.
We are planning 2 suction strengths, REGULAR and STRONG, and we hope to have the first VULVIS available in a few weeks in the shop.

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