Merula Cup - the new menscup "made in Germany"

11.04.2017 15:26

Merula cup mermaid

For a few weeks she is now available at - The Merula!

Many have longingly waited for this new menscup "made in Germany" to come onto the market and the first production was already sold out after a short time due to the enormous demand.
Merula Cup is the first menstrual cup where "one size fit's all", because the Merula is only available in one size, suitable for all women. Due to its low height, it is suitable for women with a low cervix as well as for women with high cervix. The individually adjustable stem with the innovative form of a ladder, women with a very high cervix can safely retrieve the cup. If it is too long can be easily shortened with a small pair of scissors.

Merula cup - how to shorten the stem

But what is so great about the Merula and what makes it different from other menstrual cups ?

One of the above mentioned differences is the enormous capacity of the Merula of 40 ml with a cup height (without stem) of only 39 mm. This is more than any other cup of this height creates. The second difference is the spherical shape. This makes the cup not only look pretty,  it also has a function. The bulbous part of the merula can also be worn in a crushed manner, it is not necessary that the whole part unfolds after the cup is inserted. Thus the menscup is suitable for women with strong as well as weaker pelvic floor musculature, it is only important that the edge pops up after the cup has been inserted.

All in all, the Merula is a great cup. If you want to learn more about the individual experiences of the first Merula owners, join the closed Facebook group - the "Merula Cup Community". Here you can get helped if you might not be able to cope with the cup right away or if you use a different cup and are not sure if the Merula is suitable for you.

The Merula is available in the colors ice, apple, sun, mermaid and strawberry

Merula Cup ice MenstruationstasseMerula Cup apple MenstruationstasseMerula Cup sun MenstruationstasseMerula Cup mermaid MenstruationstasseMerula Cup strawberry Menstruationstasse

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