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Benefits of Bloodmilla use

Compared to conventional products, the use of Bloodmilla washable pads and liners has many advantages:

Quality made in Germany - old proven system revised and improved

The Bloodmillas are made in a small sewing factory on the Swabian Alb. All fabrics used are GOTS certified and are also mainly produced on the Swabian Alb. Thus, a regional production and short distances are guaranteed. During the production process of course the quality of the selected materials and product longevity is very important for us.

But also design and fit are very important for Bloodmilla .

Already our grandmothers used cloth pads. However, usually with quite cumbersome holders that were uncomfortable and have tweaked. Nowadays there is an alternative:
The cloth pads are comfortable simply buttoned with a variable snap button to the panties and can not slip or even fall into the toilet. Rounding out the Bloodmilla products by the high quality workmanship.

Bloodmillas and the environment - use over many years rather than throw them away !

Disposable products pollute our environment - but there's no need to.
With the use of washable pads and pantyliners you can protect the environment while saving money . The slightly higher prime costs will be saved from month to month as your Bloodmillas last for several years .
The ones who fear the handling, can be assured that the pantyliners can be washed easily with regular underwear. Also the usage of washable menstrual pads is not difficult and you wil get used to it soon - even skeptics will be amazed how easy and comfortable handling of washable fabric pads is !

Comfort through organic cotton fabrics iinstead of plastic bomber

More and more people suffer from allergies and intolerances , and many women have problems with the conventional disposable products offered for menstrual hygiene , allergic reaction or even get rashes.
Bloodmilla cloth pads are made from 100 % organic cotton (GOTS certified), and at the panty liners the part that is worn on the body is also generally manufactured from 100 % cotton.
This fiber has the advantage that it is breathable and so no heat accumulation and no perspiration is encouraged, as it is the case with the usual disposable pads with moisture protective layer of synthetic. This impermeable materials also promote the unpleasant and annoying odor that deters many women from the use of pads. With the cloth pads of Bloodmilla an unpleasant odor during the period or even during daily wear of pantyliners belongs to the past.
Due to the structure of the organic terry , the surface of the pads stays always dry and comfortable.

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