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menstrual cups

The menstrual cups can be used during the whole period, or in combination with washable menstrual pads or panty liners.

Advantages of the menstrual cup:
  • discrete, can also be used while swimming
  • environmentally friendly and cost saving as the menstrual cup can be used for years
  • easy to use (you just need a little practice in the beginning)
  • Does not dry out the mucous membranes
Find more information about finding your size, different softnesses, how to handle and material of the cups in the individual article descriptions or in our FAQ's.

Every woman is different. Therefore, you should not buy your menstrual cup just like you feel it's the right one. First you should collect some information about your body. How to measure your pelvic floor muscles and your cervix, you can read in our FAQ. In order to be able to recommend the suitable sizes and models for you, please answer the following questions:

Have you already given birth vaginally, if yes how often? If you are still a virgin please select this accordingly

How strong is your menstrual bleeding ?

How strong are your pelvic floor muscles?

How high / low is your cervix during your mens ?

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