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Welcome to bloodmilla.de, your shop for alternative menstrual hygiene articles made in Germany*

Our Bloodmilla onlineshop is all about alternative and environmentally friendly products that provide you not only during your menstruation , but also in daily use with secure protection and well-being.

The washable sanitary napkins and panty liners of Bloodmilla, that are made out of organic cotton, and the practical menstrual cups of Me Luna are a modern alternative to traditional disposable products and very easy to use .
The high quality of the organic cotton fabric cloth pads, and the allergen-free material of menstrual cups are also much healthier than most disposable products. They provide a good climate , do not dry out the sensitive mucous membranes and are thus ideally suited for people with allergies.

Let you inspire from a whole new feeling in everyday life und during your period - you'll be amazed !

* We try to offer as many products as possible from German production . To be able to offer you greater variety we come get to products made in the EU when necessary.

The Bloodmilla washable menstrual pads out of new softer terry quality in colour RED are available !


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The Bloodmilla News there!

From now on Bloodmilla will keep you updated here on new products in the range and planned discount offers.

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